Friday, February 06, 2009

The Ultra Athletes: What Keeps Them Going? (SF Chronicle)

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story today about ultra athletes, which included some great quotes and pics from ultrarunner Jasper Halekas (who knew he had one short leg?), ultracyclist Tina Waitzman (go Furnace 508!), and ultraswimmer Suzie Dods (28.5 mile swim around Manhattan...whoa).

It really does sound crazy in this context. ;-)

- SD


  1. Nice article, stupid comments.

  2. Agree, comments are bizarre.

  3. Friends,

    This just goes to show that you never know what you are going to get when you agree to do an interview with anyone other than Scott Dunlap. I spent ages talking to this guy about stuff like the camaraderie of running ultras, and the state of mind that you get into after ten hours on the trail. Apparently none of that was as interesting to him as the fact that I have, shall we say, less than perfect biomechanics. Oh well.

    Nice comments, though. I learned that I am OCD, depressive, and hate my family and my job because I run ultras. I had no idea. ;)


  4. How can I read the whole article? regards, Sebas (

  5. It was a good article, and I didn't know what Rick was talking about until I read the first four comments. They are stupid.

  6. how can i get a full copy of the article?

  7. well I still have the same question, bobcat;) /Sebas


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