Monday, February 02, 2009

Good Fun at the PCTR Awards Ceremony

Wendell, Sarah, Aaron and the Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) crew did a marvelous job at their first annual Awards Ceremony for the 2008 Trail Run Series. Winners and their families convened at Heather Park in Walnut Creek, CA, for t-shirts, coasters (a PCTR signature award), raffle prizes, food, and an optional fun run.

(John Fors and Ray Sanchez cheer the award winners)

(Keturah Morejohn picks up her Age Group award for the Mini Prix)

(Sarah and Wendell, masters of ceremonies)

Will Gotthardt and I were able to surprise them with some gifts in appreciation. One was a book of photos and quotes from the year (this was my "special project" that you all helped with - thank you, everyone!), which you can take a look at here. After the ceremony, everyone came up and signed the book to share their thanks!

(Click here to preview the first few pages of the book)

I know some of you asked about how to get a copy, and thanks to the generosity of those who sent photos, you can click above and order one. I would recommend the "premium paper" and "Imagewrap" options, since that was the layout I designed it for. I put the book together using Here's the dedication from the first page:
This collection of photos and quotes is a gift of appreciation to Wendell, Sarah, and Aaron for their passion and dedication to Pacific Coast Trail Runs, and the amazing season we had in 2008. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to easily add fun and adventure to our lives.

- The runners, hikers, and walkers of PCTR
Will also presented Wendell and Sarah with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant (thanks to many contributions), a "100-Mile Man" sweatshirt for Aaron (who completed 100 miles at Across the Years), and Starbucks gift certificates to some of the regular volunteers. The best part of the surprise gift was the generous, and well-deserved, standing ovation from the crowd in appreciation of the hard work and passion they put into every race.

(Will presents the 100-Mile Man sweatshirt to Aaron, photo courtesy of Norbert Leinfellner)

(The book prompted lots of stories to recollect, photo courtesy of Monica Brennan)

It was a lot of fun to see everyone in their "street clothes". Thanks again, PCTR!

- SD


  1. Scott - What did you win????

  2. This book is an awesome idea! We might all steal it for other ocasions, can we? Thank you, Sarah and Wendell.

  3. Book looks fantastic and Sarah + Wendell are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the highlights from the event.

  4. thank YOU, Scott, for doing the book- great job; and Will G, for all your work- PCTR is great!

  5. Scott, you did an amazing job with this. Thanks for coming up with the idea and for putting it together!

  6. Just want to echo the others' thoughts about the book - great idea and it turned out fabulous! Gotta go order one... :-)

  7. Scott-

    I'm gonna repeat earlier email message here:

    Brilliant job on the book, I can't overstate really was ideal.

    Well done.

    Cheers, Will G.

  8. Also my repeated thanks to all who contributed, but mostly to you Will G. for contacting and coordinating between us and especially to YOU Scott, for making this happen. Truly inspiring you guys.

  9. Excellent job everyone! This book serves a fantastic memoir of the past year with PCTR. Many Thanks to you all!

  10. Probably been said enough, but great job on the book. Totally deserve it.

  11. Thanks, everyone! The book was definitely a group effort. Will Gotthardt helped reach out to a lot of people (as well as coordinating the gifts), and we photos and quotes from dozens of people. It was a lot of fun to assemble!

    It still feels like a small gesture compared to what those guys do for us weekend after weekend.


    To the anonymous poster - I won third overall in the Ultra Series (behind Ryan Commons and Will Gotthardt), and won my age group. Two great shirts and coasters!

  12. Thanks for putting this together! Awesome seeing my quote in the preview. I feel honored to be a part of that book. I've only done a couple of their races but a) plan to do more and b) couldn't believe how friendly Wendell and Sarah are. Thanks again Scott, Will, et al.


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