Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 Way Too Cool 50k Fills In Less Than 9 Minutes

The 2009 Way Too Cool 50k opened for registration yesterday, and filled over 400 slots in 8 minutes and 55 seconds. In case that wasn't enough proof that ultrarunning continues to gain in popularity, the wait list also filled in the next 20 minutes!

Personally, I wasn't able to get my slot thanks to some connectivity snafus caused by a storm. Race Director Julie Fingar let me know that being on the wait list isn't so bad - thanks to injuries and changes of plan, most of the wait list gets flushed out by race day. I'll have my fingers crossed!

- SD


  1. BTW, if you are interested in being added to the wait list, you can contact Race Director Julie Fingar at Julie [at] No guarantees, but she will do her best!


  2. Maybe the technical difficulties were a good thing. 50k is way too far in my humble opinion, I'm happy just being able to finish a marathon.

  3. I almost feel bad! The only thing I know about the race is that it is so popular, so I decided to try and register for it on a whim... and I got in.

    I almost feel bad... but not quite!

    Based on all the fuss about this race, I am really starting to look forward to it.

  4. Wow, I remember just a couple years ago when you could sign up for the Hardrock or other ultraruns just the day before. Now ultrarunning is an official sport.

  5. Hope you get in. This will be may first Ultra.

    FYI-I really like reading your blog, it's got great info for a newbie trail runner.

  6. Good luck getting in the WTC 50k! I am just amazed at how popular ultra running has become!

  7. Darn you Dunlap, for turning people on to ultrarunning! You're the reason I didn't get into Cool this year!

    Oh, and I was so busy making pancakes that the 8am time came and went. The pancakes were pretty good though. Maybe next year.
    White Trash

  8. I'm seeing if I can get on the waitlist. If not, maybe a goal for next year. Hey Scott, I am trying to find out if there have been women who have run across the United States. I would assume there have been, but not finding much... lots of hype about men who have, but I've had no luck finding women who have. Any info would be great!

  9. Scott! You helped put me in touch with Mark Tanaka last year when he decided he couldn't make it and I loved the race. If I hear of anyone dropping out you're the first person I contact. Good luck, I got in this year and would love to see you there.


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