Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday shopping - about as much fun as a rectal exam?

My employer, NearbyNow, is doing an anonymous online survey about shopping and I was hoping y'all might help out. It only takes a minute to complete, and has a few funny questions like:

Do you equate the annoyance of waiting in line to buy a product during the holidays equivalent to
(a) a long TV commercial,
(b) being stuck in gridlock traffic,
(c) a dental exam, or
(d) a rectal exam.

Yikes! Well, it's certainly more annoying than a dental exam but I'm not sure if it's quite as bad as a rectal exam. Anyway, I would appreciate it if you could take a minute to fill it out. It is completely anonymous, and you are welcome to point your friends to it as well. Here's the link:


Thanks in advance for your help!

- SD


  1. Rectal exam, definitely. B^P

  2. That wasn't too bad and now I realize I'm definitely an online shopper. Although there is a Japanese gift shop/grocery/crepe shop on Clement St. They have camera holders in the shape of little animals in pink and yellow colors. I think one of them has your name on it. Nothing but the best for our picture loving trail runner.

  3. Hey dude your site is ultra boring now. What happened?

  4. You are welcome to stop reading it anytime, Mr/Mrs Anonymous. ;-)

    Rick - camera holders, yes!!!

    I know this post isn't running-related, but I appreciate everyone taking a minute to fill it out.

    Thx, SD

  5. Done. The more I can buy online the better. Now does this mean I'm part of your marketing department?

  6. Done. Site's never boring either Scott.

    Ever wonder why do the boneheads never login under their username?

  7. Done! You boring? Absurd! Thanks for the excellent blog. M


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