Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Devil Known as the Mt. Diablo 50k

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining 200 trail runners for the wicked hot Mt. Diablo 8k/25k/50k put on by Pacific Coast Trail Runs in Clayton, CA. I had hoped to get in one last hot and hilly run before Western States (coming in a few weeks!), and this race definitely fell into the “be careful what you wish for” category. I struggled but still had a great time, and enjoyed watching some of the best runners in the nation conquer the 8000’ of vertical and 90+ degree heat to set new course records.

My heat-running skills are a bit lacking, to say the least. Short of the Mt. Diablo 50m I did earlier this year, every other hot run I have started has ended with me limping across the finish in some cramp-induced version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (the Hunchcramp of Notre Dame?). I keep trying, however, hoping to assemble some sort of strategy before Western States in a few weeks. This time I would tackle the most obvious culprit – running out of water on the course. No matter what my finish time today, if I can stay on the water, salt, and food in the heat, I’ll consider it a great day.

I carpooled with 2-time Ohlone 50k winner Jean Pommier, and it was already nice and toasty when we arrived at 7:30am. I told Jean I expected big things from him today, but he just smiled and pointed out Western States winner/Quicksilver course record holder Graham Cooper and holder-of-all-Diablo-records-but-this-one Jasper Halekas lining up at the start. Race Director Wendell Doman had his money on Jasper too, as evidenced by his “just follow Jasper” explanation of how to stay on course.

(Ready to roll at the start)

The 25k and 50k runners started together at 8:30am, and immediately pitched up into the hills. It wasn’t scary hot yet, so the front runners kept a strong pace, with Jean Pommier leading Jasper, Graham, Jeff Emery (25k), Andy Holak (25k), Jady Palko, Will Gotthardt, and a few others up the canyon single track.

I paced along with Jady Palko, and we swapped States-prep stories. Just when we thought we were macho tough, Kim Holak from Duluth, MN, caught up to us saying she had a great time last year finishing in the top 10 for the second time and was now training for the Hardrock 100. Dang! Kim was really friendly, and I got a kick out of how she got faster the steeper it got. She’s quite the mountain goat!

(Kim Holak pauses to take in the view)

(Kim Holak leads me from the saddle to the first aid station)

We hit the first aid station (mile 4), and I was feeling good and staying on my fluids and salt. I had brought my big gun bottles (20 oz each), which were a bit heavy, but were allowing me to drink ~40 oz/hour. Jady and Kim took off ahead of me as the awesome volunteers loaded me up for the trek to the summit. Eric Chitwood, Whit Rambach, Joe D’Alessio, and a group of four others were right behind me, and we rallied down the single track that hugged the mountain peak. About a mile into the single track, Jean Pommier came flying down on his way back. I literally mean “flying” - each stride was gaining 15-20 feet as he tore town the tricky terrain like a demon possessed. My guess is he was already 15 minutes ahead of us, and a solid three minutes ahead of Graham and Jasper who came down soon afterwards. Some records will certainly fall today!

(Graham Cooper zooms down on lap #1, while Kim Holak mountain goats up)

(Jasper Halekas cruising through the first lap)

I caught Kim Holak just as the summit was within reach. Her partner in crime Andy Holak (25k) was coming down told us “don’t go inside the building to get to the top” – I bet that was an interesting detour! I took a quick stop at the water fountain in the parking lot and refilled a bottle before heading back down, noting that I was somewhere around 6th place with 5-6 runners within two minutes of catching me. Holding the big guns out in front of me, I let the weight pull my body down the hill.

(Runners glide along the single track towards the summit)

It felt hotter on the downhill, which can only mean one thing – the temperature was rising quickly. All the runners headed up had big bright smiles cutting through their dust- and sweat-glazed exterior, keeping that observation tower at the peak in sight. The 25k folks were definitely pleased there was only one lap!

(A familiar smile along the trail)

I soaked my bandana in the trough before the aid station, and gulped down some Coke and pretzels as soon as I pulled in. The S! Caps were keeping me on track for salt, but there’s something magical about Coke and pretzels on the trail. I had caught Kim Holak on the downhill, and had Jady Palko and Joe D’Alessio within site, while Will Gotthardt was another 2-3 minutes ahead of them. I probably should have held back more, but the fast descent was the only thing cooling me as the heat rose with every step into the canyon. Joe was playing it safe with a steady rhythm down the steep fire road, but Jady was not (he never does on the downhill) so I did my best to stay on Jady’s tail. Dave King (25k) came in with his flying kick, and he and Jady went mono-y-mono to the finish. Don’t forget, Jady, one more lap! After what seemed like an eternity of downhill, I pulled into the halfway aid station (mile 15) in about 2:35.

My water bottles were on “E”, but only had reached that in the last mile so I was pretty close to pace. Still taking in a remarkable ~40 oz/hour, and no sloshing. The second lap would be like a toaster oven for sure, especially in the first canyon, so I loaded up on Gatorade while the volunteers packed my bottles with ice water. Joe came in just behind me, and with his much more efficient aid station stop, he took off with Jady for lap #2.

Within a few steps of the second lap, I could tell I had gone too hard on the first lap. Joe charged the hill as fast as his first lap with Jady staying on his tail, so I walked a bit and put on my iPod for some go-time music. I ran what I could, but by the time I reached the single track it felt like I was in a microwave. Actually it was more like a convection oven with the way the heat came off the rocks. My core temp felt awkwardly high and my ears were popping, so I thought it best to fast-walk until I could get a break from the breeze.

Kim Holak caught me soon enough as she pranced up the single track. She didn’t seem to have much trouble with the “unexpected heat training”, but was wondering if she should have brought a second water bottle. We exchanged a few words of encouragement, then I went back to the grind. A half an hour later, I finally got off the single track and headed down the fire road. The breeze was hot, but still helpful. I saw Will Gotthardt power-walking up ahead, and figured I could catch him by the saddle and have some company.

On the final hike up to the saddle (I think this is the steepest section), Will was nowhere to be found ahead or behind. I thought about how delirious I was in this section of the race last year, and hoped he wasn’t passed out under a tree somewhere. Adam Ray caught up to me and gave word – Will wasn’t feeling well and headed back down. Adam, on the other hand, looked great per usual and led me up to the aid station. Adam is prepping for Western States as well, and had a great run at the Quicksilver 50m a few weeks ago.

(Adam Ray tackles the steep hill on round two, and blazes by me)

It was screaming hot this time around, and although I was on track for water and salt, my legs were twitching in the heat. It was forcing me to walk more sections than I would have liked, and really playing games with my head. Jeez, if Western States is 24 hours of near-cramping like this, I am DEAD MEAT for sure. C’mon Scott, stay focused…no sense in worrying about the next race when you're IN a race right now.

(A quick pause for the scenery before cruising into the last aid station)

Jasper came screaming through the single track, leading with a much stronger pace than the first lap. He was all smiles, and had a solid six minute lead on Graham Cooper, who in turn was three minutes ahead of Jean Pommier. I did a quick calculation and it seemed like all three would be breaking the course record if they kept their pace. Amazing!

(Jasper is moving fast on lap #2)

Joe D’Alessio was the next one down, clearly making a ton of time on the second lap and gaining time on the front three. Kim Holak came next in a league of her own, a solid hour ahead of the next woman. Jady Palko, still holding strong, and Adam Ray came next before I made it to the top with some nutty runners doing a 75km training run today (three laps, oh boy!). The trip to the summit was fast, since the whole structure was covered in thousands of earwigs. I wanted to take a picture, but my Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan flashbacks were getting the best of me so I hustled it out of there.

By the time I filled my water bottles, Whit Rambach (training for his 7th Western States), Troy Howard, and Eric Chitwood (heading back to the TRT100, where he broke 24 hours last year) all passed me up. I took the first downhill section with Whit, but he soon left me in the dust when some uphill sections came up. My calves were whimpering in the heat, but I tried to calm them by saying this was the last descent.

I was so famished at the last aid station (mile 25) that I ate about three handfuls of trail mix, peanut butter Ritz crackers, and goldfish. I had been eating mostly gels today, thinking that this would go best with lots of water. But the solid food was restoring me quickly, and I’m exactly not sure how. It was enough, however, for me to keep a steady pace into the hot canyons. The air still felt toasty around me, but my core temp was staying in range.

I passed some Boy Scouts who let me know their temperature gauge was reading 102 degrees on the fire roads, but I was feeling okay. I walked a few more small uphill sections in the final stretch, and came into the finish in 6:10:47 for 11th place. This was about 20 minutes faster than I had thought I would finish on a hot day, but I had secretly hoped to break six hours in an epic victory over the Heatmieser gods. Alas, that would have to wait for my next trip up Diablo (I have three of the PC Trails Diablo coasters now, so I need to come back to finish the set ;-)).

Everyone was huddled in the shade at the finish, cheering folks as they came in and enjoying the grub. Jasper had smoked the course record by 20 minutes, become the first ever to complete the course in less than 5 hours (he ran 4:48:48). Graham had held on for second (5:03) with some minor cramping, but certainly well on pace for a strong run at States. Jean said he “blew up” early on the second lap, although he still managed to finish in a respectable 5:11:21, within seconds of the previous course record. Jasper said Jean’s 25k split was less than a minute off the 25k course record – now that’s fast! Joe D’Alessio was only five minutes behind Jean, which means his second lap made up nearly 20 minutes on the leaders, and 40 minutes on those who came in with him. Kim Holak handily won the Women’s division in 5:42:21, with more than enough energy to make an ice pack out of my hankerchief to help me cool down. Isn’t she great? Andy Holak (2:24:41) and Marianne Baldetti (2:43:54, 7th overall) won the 25k (all results here).

(Jean and Mike Nuttall share stories with others at the finish, while 26-year-old Neil Samson enjoys a coke to celebrate an age-group win at his first ultra)

Jean and I were pleased to be finished, and even more pleased to begin the taper for Western States. I think Jean may have a sub-20 hour States if all goes well, and I’m hoping a sub-24 is in my future. This race capped off two 100+ mile weeks for me, which is significantly more than I thought I would ever do for peak training. I may have not aced my heat running yet, but I will certainly be showing up on June 28th in the best shape of my life. Let the taper begin!

My thanks to Wendell, Sarah, and Aaron Doman for putting on a great race, and the fabulous volunteers who braved the heat for us. This is a challenging race to run, and I can only imagine how tough it is to manage!

- SD


  1. GREAT run, Scott- Diablo looks SO hot!! " C’mon Scott, stay focused…no sense in worrying about the next race when you're IN a race right now." I always do that in races, too......playing mind games, glad to hear I am not the only one.

    Rooting for you for WS!

  2. Thanks for the great post Scott. I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one really feeling the heat on the 2nd lap. I took a few photos at the finish line, including one of you. It was nice meeting you and chatting with you before the race.

    Best of luck to you and all the other runners in the upcoming Western States 100.


  3. Nice report!

    This was my first trail race ever (the 25k though). It sure was hot, but fun!

  4. Nice seeing you again, Scott! Thanks for your account, and the pictures on the course. I did not include this in my post but I actually did not see you on the first lap and was worried. But I did see you on the second way down, when I was "flying" slower... ;-)

    Have a safe and good tapering and see you in Squaw in 10 days!

    Farther Faster

  5. Good note to end on before WS. Congrats!

  6. some day I may have to do that race. And I'm sure a sub 24 is in your very near future!

  7. Boy, to run such a tough race in those conditions...GREAT job. Diablo looks really exposed

  8. Scott,

    Sub-24 is a slam dunk for you! Hit that taper and run a smart race. Stay cool - ice is your friend. Very low 20's should be no problem for you.


  9. Great recap Scott. That mountain is wicked. Great time too considering the heat. Hope to see you at Foresthill as you come through. I'm spectating and pacing at WS. Good Luck!

  10. Well done Scott, good to see you conquer that course...all the best at WS100, you appear in amazing shape, no doubt you'll have a fine race. Rooting for you.

    Will G.

  11. Kate - You would know about the Diablo heat since you braved it for the marathon!

    Bjorn - Congrats on your first 25k! You'll be happy to know that nearly EVERY OTHER 25k will be easier than this one.

    Jean - Not surprised you didn't see me on the first lap cause you were really moving! Enjoy the taper, and I will see you soon.

    Dave - You're coming to Berkeley soon enough, so Diablo is in your future!

    Jasper - You rocked it once again! Glad to see you back in full form. Thanks for the well-wishes for States - not sure about that 20 hour mark, but we will see!

    Will - Glad you had the wisdom to save yourself for another day. We will see you soon, I am sure, faster than ever. I didn't make much progress on the PCT Series - one whopping age group point! I think you're safe (for now)...

    - SD

    PS - Being new to tapering, I wasn't really sure what to do outside of cutting the mileage but keeping the intensity. I think I am also going to add "stay on the treadmill" after my fathers day run ended with a face plant in a dry creek bed (doh!). Mostly just abrasions on my back, arm, legs, and I'm sticking to everything. Should be fine by race day though. Whoops!

    - SD

  12. Scott,
    Great race out there. Since you're tapering, one possible suggestion for handling the heat: you may want to do some sauna heat acclimation training over the final couple weeks. It's worked quite well for me at Badwater the last two years. Have a great race out there at WS!


  13. Another great race and report Scott. I'm looking forward to tracking your progress at WS. Enjoy the tapering.

  14. Well done, Scott. We'll hopefully see you on the course at WS. Have a good taper, lots of rest!

  15. Jonathan -

    I will be doing some sauna work these last couple of weeks - would appreciate any tips.

    Thx, SD

  16. Glad you did so well despite the heat! I've been experimenting with chicken broth for hydration on hot days. You can use a concentrated paste that you mix with water (I like Minor's Chicken Base). I find it goes down really well while out on the trail, and contains branched chain amino acids and sodium along with some useful minerals. You could also add sugars and other additives too.

    Good luck with WS!

  17. Hi scott,

    We chatted before the start.
    Kevin from Sydney Australia, you had a great run.
    Nice too see a local feeling the heat, it felt so hot coming from winter in Sydney on the second loop.

    Your blog has even made it too Australia."]link to Coolrunning


  18. Dang,
    I'm having hot flashes and flashbacks just reading your Diablo report.

  19. Great recap of the day, Scott. It was fun to finally get to meet you and see you fly down that single track after you reached the summit.

    I'm the guy who said hello just before the start of the race and was telling you about my brutal 68 mile bike ride through Woodside the day before (which, by the way, turned me to toast at Diablo -- I dropped from the 50K at the end of the first loop in 3:34).

    For readers who've never met him, I can attest to three things: 1) Scott looks in person exactly like his pictures, and 2) he is taller than you'd sense from his photos, and 3) he is really a nice guy--but you knew that!

    We're rooting for you at Western States. Hope the sauna training goes well, but don't underestimate the power of sitting and doing absolutely nothing as you taper for the last few days before WS. Let those legs fully rest and refuel so they're 100% ready and chomping to go in race day.

  20. sub-24 for you? definitely. (same with a sub-20 for Jean). great run in brutal heat, yes you all wanted it hot. although one of these days you'll have to try the humid kind.

    Did you get a chance to ask why Graham ditched the black ninja shirt this year?

  21. The best tip as far as sauna training is to simply bake in there. Take in the water with the NUUN tablet, to keep the body hydrated and balanced. Sometimes I'll take in S-caps and water instead. I've even been experimenting with the new Enlyten strips. I usually build to 60 min. in there for Badwater, but over this last couple weeks, any time in there will be a benefit. The goal isn't to work out in there, but rather to allow your body to adapt to the intense heat and the subsequent need to replenish/rehydrate in those conditions. This is especially necessary when a race like WS takes high effort with the high heat, drawing even more blood away from the digestive areas. Stop with a few days before the event to rehydrate and relax. It's worked awesome for me at Badwater the last two years, and I'm using it again this year.


  22. Gundy - Great advice! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm doing all my runs this week and next in head-to-toe gear, and plan on doing some sauna sessions for the week prior. Anything helps!

    Tanaka - Graham joked with me a bit before the race, referring to a statistics class we both took in college. He said "the correlation of running fast 50ks/50ms to performance at States is 1, the correlation of extensive heat training is less than 1". I'm sure he will do some heat training beforehand, but the Diablo in black was out this year.


  23. Hi Scott

    First comment here - only started reading today. Very impressed.

    Tell me - what kind of camera did you use to take these pictures? Is it some miniature piece of wizardry that's perfect for use on the run, or did you stop and take all these pics with some huge unwieldy analogue beast? :)


  24. Recently I’ve been shooting with the Olympus FE-230, a slim and light 7.1 megapixel camera. It’s small enough I can carry it in the handheld bottle pouch (Nathan), or in the back pocket of my Sugoi shorts. Sometimes I borrow my wife’s Sony T-3, also a slim camera. Christi is the real photographer in the family (just look at Sophie’s Web site). She shoots with a Canon 10D and is the master post-production expert.

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