Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Ultrarunning Podcast From Endurance Planet

In case you haven't heard, the gang at Endurance Planet has begun a new podcast series on ultrarunning. Each podcast has an hour of professionally produced ultrarunning stories, and there will be a new one each month available on for $3.95.

Check out the link here, and you can download the first one for free to give it a try. I have really enjoyed listening to these on my commute - well worth the bucks, if you ask me.

Also, if you want to see a video of a "Chariots of Fire" moment, be sure to watch Minnesota's Heather Dorniden fall in the 600m at the Big Ten Women's Track and Field Championship, then get up and win the heat. You can check it out here (about 30 seconds in) - amazing!



  1. Thanks for pointing those out, that really got my day started. That is impressive to come back in a race that short after a fall.

  2. Amazing video of that 600m run -- powered by adrenaline for sure :)


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