Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ultrarunner Loses Two Toes To Frostbite at Frozen Otter

Andrew Wells paid a heavy price for his win at the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek two weeks ago - he lost two toes to frostbite! Yikes. Otter pops, indeed.

You can read the whole story here.



  1. That's tough! true runner!
    We have the same temperatures here in Iceland, running is becoming harder and harder, but wooll socks keeps our toes intact!

  2. Scott,
    Great blog.

    Quick question about shoes. At this point I'm maxing-out at 21k. Are the Inov-8 shoes the deal? Or are they more for 50m/ultras/etc.?


  3. I am signed up for a race on that same trail -- but once it is warmer!

    There have been some arguments around here between did he go too far, versus, he admirably embodies the insatiable drive for ultra-running adventure which most people just don't understand. But, you need to have your drive for adventure but exercise a little reason at the same time.

    Keep up the awesome blogging and running!

  4. Matt -

    Inov-8 would be flattered that you think of them as an ultra shoe! In fact, they have a longer history in short course racing (or "fell running" as it is called in the UK). Only in the last few years have they made ultra-ready shoes.

    I raced the Inov-8 MudRoc 290's for most of my short course racing, and they are the best I have found for going fast. With a low center of gravity, track spike fit, low heel, etc., they are built for speed like no other shoe. The MudRoc 280's are also a favorite among the fell running champions, and one of the lightest shoes on the market. They are both worth checking out!

    Cheers, SD

  5. hi scott,

    I got mudroc 290 as well. They are a blast. I could run up and down muddy terrain with good grip.

    Usually it was the shoes that slowed me down, but this time it's my exploding heart rate that's becoming the upper limit.


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