Sunday, December 09, 2007

2008 Way Too Cool Sells Out In Minutes (Again)

Like many of you, I spent this morning at 8am hitting the refresh button on my Web browser hoping to be one of the few to get a WTC 50k slot. I did get it (yeah!), and watched the race fill up within a few minutes. Unbelievable.

I'm personally hoping that some of the fast folks who weren't able to pull a Western States 100 lottery slot this year (that means you, Jasper Halekas, Jon Olsen, Anton Krupicka, and Karl Meltzer) are signed up and ready to get a slot via top 3 finish a Montrail Ultra Cup qualifier. Check the blogs and comments of Anton and Karl to see some of the frustration/conversation among the elites who didn't get in. I've never been so happy to be a two-time loser. ;-)

My 2008 season is slowly shaping (WTC, Boston Marathon, WS100) and I'm already getting giddy for the training! Such a challenge to stay aerobic in my December runs with all the excitement.

For your reading pleasure, some great recent blog interviews:

Tim Tweitmeyer on his Tahoe Rim Trail Record (courtesy of Peter Lubbers)
Michael Kanning, 15-year-old Ultra Phenom (courtesy of Tony Overbay)

- SD


  1. Luckily me and my cousin both got in this year. This will be my first time doing this run. Can't wait and good luck with your training.

  2. Congratulations on getting into WTC, Scott!

    I read the Michael Kanning interview, which was great and really look forward to reading the interview on Mr. WS himself. It looks like Peter took a lot of time putting that together. I will need some time to read it.

    I, too, will have my next interview up in the next day or so. One of the greats in running podcasts will be my "guest".

    Hope you're doing well!

    Best wishes,


  3. Congrats on getting into WTC, Scott. That is quite a schedule you have so far.

    My wife and I both got in to WTC too- let us register early for some reason. Actually, quite a few people got in early from what the Runners World discussion board had to say.

    I also read the interview of Tim on Peter's blog earlier. Great info. Tim really is quite a nice guy, very generous with his time and knowledge, and obviously an unbelievable runner.

  4. You are very unlikely to see me at a MUC event this spring. I hate having to sign up for races months in advance. Also, I prefer to choose events based on their own merits. I'm not going to spend all spring wasting my best race efforts on events that I'm not that interested in, just to try to get a qualifier for WS. Cool and AR are fun races just because everybody you know does them, but other than that there's nothing great about them, and they're expensive and crowded. Miwok is a truly terrific event, but I would never try to use it as a WS qualifier - it's too close to run a max effort at that race and then again at States.

    There are plenty of other races out there. WS and the MUC are not the be-all and end-all of ultras.


  5. Thanks for the link, Scott. One wonders if WTC itself broke the 2007 "PR" of selling out in less than 7 minutes, 33 seconds.

    Keep up the training and I forsee another terrific season for you.


  6. Thanks for the link to the interview with Michael, Scott! He was a lot of fun to work with.

    As for WTC I didn't get in! I have a sticky on my monitor all week that reminds me to be at my computer this morning and then I'm sitting there making the kids breakfast and it hits's 8:16 and I run to the computer and, of course, it's too late. Rookie move, congrats to all who made it in. Looks like Rucky Chucky 50k will be my first of 08.

    Quick funny Tim T. story (loved the interview on Peter's blog). My friend works with him at HP. He's worked with him for a while now and I'm the one who had to tell him that Tim's a legend in the ultra world. Apparently Tim is incredibly humble at work. If it was me, I'd leave the Runner's Worlds with my picture lying around everywhere, wear my buckles in every day, etc. He did say that Tim runs every day at lunch and that despite going hard for an hour never sweats :-)


  7. Just like andyb above, I too was able to login & register unexpectedly at 7:54am, though my receipt showed a time stamp of 8:08am??? I'm sure there will be some fallout for the WTC RD to deal with.

    Will G.

  8. Great news for you Scott! Congrats! I hope you have the season of your life in 2008! You sure deserve it after the mis-direction at your Sierra Nevada race.

    Jasper, I've read your comments on other blogs. If you think Miwok is a terrific race and you want the attention you so rightly deserve, you should line up and race with the flashy competition Miwok will certainly provide. There is no lottery for Miwok and you are almost assured a competitive field.

    If you truly despise the MUC, what better way to show it than win one of their crown jewels and decline the coveted slot. This might give you more personal satisfaction than commiserating about the unfairness of it all.

    Will, There will never be any fallout with the WTC RD. Haven't you learned he's infallible in wielding the keys to some of trail running's best races? I mean, what kind of RD would want to let fast people (who didn't make the lottery) into his race? That would certainly ruin the sport, no?

    Scott, sorry to be inflammatory on your web site, but I've been waiting for you to open the floodgates on this topic.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Hi Scott,
    I would say I am a long time reader of your Blog but just today I decided to leave a message/comment.
    First to congrats for your excellent results on all races in 2007 (I am still impressed about your Napa Valley Marathon result), for this very nice Blog, for manage very well Job, Family, Social life and Runs and for get on these Endurance Trail races for 2008.
    I saw that you ran, this year, Boston and in less than two weeks, Big Sur. Are you planning to do Napa Valley Marathon (Road) on March 2nd and WTC on March 8th ?
    This year I ran WTC as my first Endurance Trail race and I ran Boston too. My times are more modest than yours.
    I ran California International Marathon (CIM) with Tim T. as Pacer team and he ran all the 3 hours and 35 minutes talking about trainings, 25 times WS, 24 times CIM (now 25) and how conciliate work, social life and runs. And at mile 24 he called me and asked me to finish in front of him to break my goal of 3:34 (I finish 3:33). This guy knows a lot.
    I saw you at Helen Klein 50 Miles but I hope see and talk to you on WTC this year. But will be just at Start Line. I will be also at WS Aid Station on mile 78, before cross the river.

  10. For the record, I got in at 7:55am for my WTC registration. It pays to start early! ;-) Glad to hear others found the same opening.

    Marcos - thanks for leaving a note! I haven't finalized my race schedule for 2008, but do have my eyes on the Napa Marathon again. I usually don't have too much trouble running within two weeks as long as neither race is an "A race" with a time goal. In fact, I like to do races as my long runs.

    I do need to get a sub-2:50 for a guaranteed entry in the NYC marathon. That would probably mess up my chances for WTC though. ;-)


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