Sunday, July 08, 2007

Into The Darkness To Appreciate the LIght (Maine Today)

Here's an interesting idea to help people appreciate the challenges of being blind - a blindfolded 5k! Check out this great article from Maine Today about the Vision 5k in Boston, MA, a national championship race with the added option of the "Blindfold Challenge" that lets sighted runners simulate a blind running experience with blindfolds and guides.

(Escorted by Marc Chalufour, Candace Karu of Cape Elizabeth finishes the Vision 5K, where she ran the Blindfold Challenge; photo courtesy of Maine Today)
Favorite quote:
"I was very nervous beforehand, and it was a little bit surreal, disorienting and dizzying -- but surprising how quickly you get used to it," said Karu, whose previous experience running blindfolded was limited to a lap around a track a couple of weeks before.
- SD


  1. Very cool! I once ran a half-mile on a sidewalk with my eyes closed using the grass either side of the concrete as my guide. It was unnerving at first but I managed to gain some confidence after a few minutes.

    My soon-to-be sister-in-law volunteers as a guide for Ski For Light, an experience she really enjoys.

    How do you find all of these interesting running stories?

  2. That sounds very cool!

    In regards to your question about finding articles, I just read a lot. I've set up a bunch of alerts in Google and Yahoo, get every magazine I can, read other blogs, and just try and summarize the ones that seem unique. Basically I'm a news junkie. ;-)


  3. That i amazing because I tried it for a minute and it still felt uncomfortable.

    Fitness trainer


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