Friday, May 18, 2007

Uli Steidl returns from Kenya in top shape (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Here's an article on Uli Steidl, the Seattle-based 2:13 marathoner who has known to dominate his share of ultras as well. He and his wife are returning from training in Kenya and he talks about taking his racing to the next level.

How fast is this German speedster? How about 12th overall at the 2007 Boston Marathon (2:19), eight consecutive wins at the Seattle Marathon, course record at the Portland Marathon (2:17:21), and he has won every ultra he has every entered, including multiple USATF 50-mile championships at White River 50 (6:32 best), the 2006 American River 50 (5:58!), and Way Too Cool (3:18!), and many more.

Gosh, now that he's in "top" shape, I wonder what he can do? ;-) I hope to see him on the ultra circuit.

(Uli @ the 2003 White River 50-mile, photo courtesy of Glenn Tachiyama)


  1. Enjoyed the article. Thanks for the link!

  2. Uli Steidl is amazing! I admire him so much as a runner. He is so very talented.


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