Monday, April 09, 2007

Greg Crowther, Julie Udchachon win 2007 100k US Championships

Greg Crowther of Seattle, WA, won his second USA ultrarunning title of 2007, running 7 hours, 14 minutes, 31 seconds to win the USA 100 km title at the Mad City 100K in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday. This was just a few weeks after winning the USA 50k Road Championships in 3:04, and winning the 2006 SunMart 50-miler a few months before that. You can find a pre-Mad City interview with Greg here.

2005 50k Trail Champion Julie Udchachon from Eagle River, AK, took her first 100k USA title, winning the women's division in 8:09:04. Just a few minutes behind was Devon Crosby-Helms, whom I ran with at the Napa Valley Marathon. Nice work, Devon!

Crowther overcame unseasonably cold conditions (20 degrees and windy) to out-pace renowned ultramarathoner, Scott Jurek by 17:34. Greg was hoping to run sub 6:50 according to his blog. Udchachon's margin of victory was 17:35 over Carolyn Smith. The distance, 100 kilometers, just over 62 miles saw competitors running a scenic 10-kilometer course around Lake Wingra ten times. Over 50 ultramarathoners from around the country were entered.

Here are the top finishers:

Greg Crowther 7:14:31
Scott Jurek 7:32:05
Kevin Setnes 7:51:49
Roy Pirrung 8:49:28
Robert Pokorny 9:00:13
John Finn 9:25:01
Alarik Rosenlund 9:37:42
Russell De Lap 9:42:04
Joe Winch 9:45:25
Steven Escaler 10:16:55
Mark Miller 10:17:53
Michael Bohl 10:26:21
Kevin Radel 10:28:47
Robert Wehner 10:34:55
Michael Hayden 10:55:14

Julie Udchachon 8:09:04
Devon Crosby-Helms 8:16:41
Carolyn Smith 8:36:39
Ann Heaslett 8:45:27
Connie Gardner 8:56:08
Francesca Conte 9:11:31
Kim Martin 9:27:00
Kimberly Holak 9:35:24
Mary Gorski 10:55:08
Deedee Grafius 11:27:58
Suzanne Pokorny 12:14:59

(photo courtesy of Glenn Tachiyama)


  1. Cool ! Greg discusses his 10k splits on his blog. Very interesting.

  2. Hi Scott - could you e-mail me at ? I have a question for you and could not locate your e-mail address on your Blog. By the way, your Blog is GREAT and very informative!!!

    Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks for the report.

    Congrats to Julie. She is impressive! I met her in Quicksilver 2006 - in the beginning and near the 50K finish. We had a short talk. Would love to chat with her next time in the race.


  4. Thanks for the recap. I was trying to follow this race while it was in progress but updates were a bit infrequent. I was wondering how Greg and Scott would do after training in the more mild temperatures in Seattle and then walking into our Midwestern cold spell.

  5. Greg ran a awesome race! He was the only male to qualify for the 100K world championships. Congrats, Greg!

  6. I had the honor of Greg looping me many, many, many times at the Bridle Trails 50k this January. His finishing time was 3:19:40, a new course record. Mine was double that plus a bit extra. But for an extremely icy and ankle-turning trail, it was a good run for everyone. :-)


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