Monday, February 26, 2007

Runner's World to Acquire Running Times Magazine

Today, Rodale, Inc., publisher of Runner's World magazine, announced the acquisition of Running Times Magazine for an undisclosed price. Both magazines have been doing well in the last few years (Runner's World has a base rate of 630,000 subscribers, while Running Times has 105,000 but is growing faster; both are increasing ad revenues). Apparently the plan is to continue to let them run independently, short of combining their run race calendars. Man, let's hope so. I've always found Running Times to be a quality, unique read written by competitive runners.

So this is my plead to Rodale. Please, please, please allow Running Times to continue down the path on which it has flourished. Let it be a unique voice with content for competitive runners. Don't let it get watered down to mass appeal - I know you do that formula well with Runner's World, Cycling, Backpacker, and Mountain Bike, but we don't need another one. I promise to continue enduring the 15-20 pieces of junk mail you send me every month as an even exchange. ;-)

The best saving grace for running content has been all the wonderful running blogs that continue to spring up every month. So many unique voices, all doing incredible things! Not to mention one of the only ways you can read 1,000 words on a race experience complete with 20 pictures. Keep at it, and we will always have an alternative.

Thx, SD


  1. Hallelujah, Scott. You said it perfectly.

  2. Eloquently put. That pretty well sums up the thoughts I've had all day after reading it on the Running Times website this morning. Jonathan Beverly subtly explained the difference between the two magazines with his column on the RT lack of Lance Armstrong ING NYC coverage.

  3. ah yes I agree. I hope Running Times doesn't suffer and if it does there are still always running blogs!

  4. Very well said. I let my RW subscription expire, because it seemed like the same articles recycled every few months, and very general-fitness oriented as opposed to serious running. I still like RT, though - I hope it stays the same.

  5. Thanks for the link to running blogs- wow! Over a thousand blogs for runners to read in our free :> time. Thanks,Scott...

  6. I find that no magazine can give justice to the true experience of running. That is why I read your blog! Most websites contain "up to date" tips, news, and reviews, etc. that by the time the "latest" issue of Running Times or Runner's World comes out, it's old news. It's even worse if you subscribe to cycling magazines (I'm a cycling enthusisast and former racer); half the season is practically over by the time you get the issue in the post.

    I'll see you at the Napa Marathon, Scott!


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