Thursday, March 30, 2006

AR50 tips, and "Mind Over Patter"

As I was preparing for the AR50 this Saturday, I noticed there wasn't an elevation chart provided. But after digging around some "racer accounts", I found enough information to get a feel for the elevation, particularly the second half of the race. Below are the links in case you find it helpful.

Hopefully you got the e-mail about the minor course changes too. If not, e-mail Greg Soderlund.

Be ready to get wet! I'll see y'all there. If you recognize me, say hi and make sure I get a photo of you for the blog!

- SD

AR50 Write-Ups

Linda Hurd did a great write-up of her race in 2002, complete with pictures. She does a good job of explaining the trails, climbs before and after Last Gasp, and provides some telling photos of the last two miles. (here)

Ron Adams provides his account of his 1998 race. He also talks about the section between Manhattan Bar to Last Gasp. Also, bring your Technu poison oak wash. (here)

Ultra-regular Stan Jensen wrote up his 1997 run. Good detail on the last 2.5 miles. (here)

Jerry Bloom's race write-up lays out the overall course nicely. (here)

Mind Over Patter

Unrelated, you can also find a story on ultra-running called "Mind Over Patter" (Arizona Republic). Arizona ultrarunner Don Meyer summed up the ultra pacing strategy well - "Part of the strategy is to start slow, then go slower". I love it!


  1. Scott, thanks, this is awesome! I forgot to do any search before I left, and this should help (hopefully).
    May be I'll see you Sat.

  2. Thanks Scott, especially for the tip about the course change. I hadn't checked that email account in some time and was unaware of the change. My crew thanks you! See you tomorrow!

  3. Hope you're out there having a great race. Looking forward to the race report.


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