Friday, February 04, 2005

Scott Dunlap Joins Team Injinji for 2005

It is my great pleasure to share that I have joined Team Injinji for 2005. I’ve been a big fan of their “tsoks” for quite sometime, and happy customers do make the best product evangelists! I was also pleased to find out that the folks at Injinji are just “good people” – not afraid to have fun, and take their contribution to the sport very seriously. I’m thrilled to be a part of their team.

[Here’s my plug] Injinji “tsoks” seem to be the only thing that keeps my feet from being destroyed from sprinting down a trail, and I find them nothing short of miraculous. I just swab my toes in Vaseline and throw on a pair of tsoks, and can finish marathons with nary a blister. If you still suffer from blisters after a trail run, don’t swap out the $100 shoes quite yet – you could be $10 away from a much easier cure.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll be happy to show you. (to Christi, my wife with the foot issues, you can stop reading right here) If you’re at one of the races that I’m doing this year and can show me some nasty-ass blisters, let me GIVE you a pair. We can take some before and after shots, and I kid you not, it will be like Extreme Makeover for the toes. And you can also have that super cool post-race look of flip-flops with socks on…very European!

Peace and happy running,



  1. Tsoks rule! But flip-flops? Dude, you can be such a dork sometimes. 8^D

  2. I tried these toe socks for the first time at a 50k in Santa Cruz (complete with river crossing), and they held up great. Even wet, they were helpful in preventing blisters. It can take a few runs to get used to them so don't try it on race day. If you wear gators like me, be sure to get the tall ones.

    - Diane M.

  3. That looks like a lot of material to fit into your shoes. Doesn't it get crowded in the toe box? I don't think they would work for me.



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