Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scenes from the Woodside Ramble 50k (photos by Sophie)

(Your photographer and commenter for today, Sophie Jane!)
My 7-year-old daughter Sophie took to the trails this morning with a camera in hand, while runners of the Woodside Ramble 50k by Inside Trail Racing came up the hill. She says you can all share her photos, so enjoy!

It has been fun taking a break from training for a few weeks after a DNS at The North Face 50m. I had really hoped to toe the line, but the body (and family's bodies) just weren't at 100%. I hope those who ran had a great time!

(It's super cold in the park until the sun comes to visit)

(First runners crest the climb)

(Vignette filters can hide thumbs that sneak into the photo...oops!)
(Black and makes the bark stand out)
(Daddy sneaks a photo of his friend and ITR teammate Chris Eide, who has huge muscles!)

You can refocus a Lytro picture by clicking on the thing you want it to focus on. Try the hairy moss! Or try holding down your mouse click and drawing a circle to change the perspective.

(Orange makes photos easier)

Daddy likes to play with the slo-mo feature on his iPhone.

(I bet these trees have been here, like, forever)

(This is what people look like when I forget to step off the trail)

(This guy said good morning! I remember)

(Oops...I took too long)

(A hat is a smart thing to wear because you can always take it off)

Check out the spider web on the moss (just click on it).

(Be sure to step off the trail when taking pictures)

(This guy took the corner so fast, he almost fell off the side. It looked fun!)

(Look close and you'll see the runner in Daddy's phone too)

(She has an awesome smile!)

(Daddy said this girl always smiles at every race, no matter what the weather or how long it is)

(This photo is fun because he is actually flying - both feet are off the ground!)

(This guy was super nice!)

(I like how this one turned out since she is smiling and still going uphill)

(We heard these guys laughing way down the trail, and just had to get a photo)

(Daddy said this is Jill Homer who does the Iditerod in Alaska on her the dogs pull a bike? I want to see that)

(Look Daddy, more clown shoes!)

(Daddy taught me to say GOOD JOB as loud as possible, which makes the runner look up and smile, and then you take your photo)

(This guy was fast! I almost missed him)

(The Skyline Trail at the top of Huddart is fun because there are so many places to see trails from across the valleys)

(She was happy to have some downhill)

(He looks so small compared to the trees!)

(The best smiles were at the top of the climb...I think they were happy for some downhill)

(Downhill is the most fun after all)

Thanks for checking out my pictures!


  1. Awesome! Some of the best race photos I've seen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the pictures and the commentary! Some of you has obviously rubbed off on Sophie. This was a fun post - thanks!

  3. These are great! It is tough to get clear photos with that much tree cover.

    1. The trick is to take about 1000 photos...and roughly 30 come out okay. ;-)

  4. That's me in the first Lytro picture. Very cool!

    1. Fun, huh? Since the Lytro captures the entire light spectrum, it has lots of post-pic possibilities. Still not great at capturing fast moving objects like you though!

  5. This is great. After the race today I was actually thinking, what would happen if you let a young child start using a good camera at an early age - so very cool to see your post and your daughter's work. I hope she can continue exploring photography.

  6. Great pics. Gets me excited for the Spring version of the race. Thanks for posting.

  7. Thanks for these awesome pictures! Linked them up from my brief write up : )

  8. Thank you Sophie, you did a great job.

  9. Cracking photos. I ran the 10k yesterday - Sophie, will you take the 10k photos next year?

  10. Thanks for you blog, Scott. I really enjoy your posts. I am particularly impressed that you can balance your success on the trails with success in family and work life.

    It was fun to read your Turkey Trot post and then see you and Sophie out at the Woodside Ramble. I'm a Dad to 3 girls and took my oldest (10 yrs old) to the PA Moonlight Run 5K. It was her first time to finish a whole 5K without walking- and like you, I was a packhorse by the end of the run. It is definitely a fun run for the kids, especially since they get to stay up late AND wear a headlamp!

    Let me know if you got any decent pics of me- bib 3768.

  11. Thanks for the pictures Sophie and Scott. What a beautiful place to live and run!

  12. Nice job, Sophie! I wish I could have been there. Hopefully in a few years you get to run the race!


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