Saturday, July 21, 2012

Can Olympians Party? 150,000 Condoms Says HELL YEAH!

A record 150,000 free condoms will be given out to Olympic athletes at the 2012 London Olympics, up from the 90,000 given away in Beijing (where each were printed with the Olympic slogan "Faster, Higher, Stronger"). That works out to 15 condoms per athlete, and Durex ready to bring more if needed. Holy condoms, Batman...that's a lot of anaerobic activity!

I can't imagine why Olympians would want to hook up. It's only 10,000 of the most fit and beautiful bodies in the world celebrating at the peak of their career. For all those who couldn't score a medal, then can still score.

"70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians are having sex during the Games," says U.S. soccer player Hope Solo, "what happens in the Village, stays in the Village."

Gosh, those are pretty good odds! Just one more motivator for making the Olympic team, I guess. ;-)

Let the breeding of the melting pot master race continue!


  1. Don't appreciate this post... just shows how selfish people are and how they trade love for lust. Grow up.

  2. Chill out, Anon!

    You can have love and lust in a single, enjoyable life.

  3. I think this is hilarious! Of course everyone is hyped up on energy and excitement! Haha!

  4. So apparently this year everyone is an endurance athlete, regardless of event.

  5. I've talked to some Olympians from Beijing and apparently the whole condom thing is mostly one big practical joke that the athletes in the village play on the organizers. The guys I talked to were track athletes and every time they would pass through the common area where were staying, they would literally empty the giant bowl of condoms and take them back to their room so the organizers would have to struggle to find more condoms and run around keeping all the bowls of them full. The guys I talked to each came home with hundreds of condoms in their suitcases, though neither used one while over in Beijing.

  6. Sorry, not the most wholesome post this time.

  7. where on earth do you find these much and i think you gave an awkward post a great spin!



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