Thursday, February 07, 2008

Go Team Nuun!

I've become a big fan of the Nuun active hydration products in the last few months, much in thanks to other trail runners who recommended it. One tablet dropped into your water bottle creates an electrolyte-filled drink with just enough flavor to cure the taste buds (you can read the science here). Very easy to carry too. Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed I hadn't found them earlier.

Nuun contacted me last month to a part of their stellar Ultra Team, and I was absolutely flattered. You mean that team with Karl Meltzer, Lisa Smith-Batchen, Brian Morrison, Devon Crosby-Helms, Olga Varlamova, and all those REAL runners? I better say "yes" before they look at my finish times. ;-)

Anyway, it's a privilege to be associated with a great company, product, and team. I look forward to seeing you team members out there this season! Hopefully I'm not getting too NASCAR-like with my logos now, but I wouldn't endorse anything I don't swear by. Now if I can just get the folks at Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to return my calls...I bet AJW is up for that team! Any other takers?

- SD


  1. Abso-f'ing-lutely on the Sierra sponsorship. That's half the reason I run anyway! Congrats on the sponsor, Scott. May you be forever hydrated.


  2. congrats!
    i find them a bit too fizzy to drink during a run, but nice afterwards.

  3. Nuun seriously rocks. I love that it's easy to carry and you can always have your electrolyte drink of choice at all races with little effort and no mess.

  4. Any more sponsorships and you can quit your day job! They couldn't have chosen a better spokesperson.

  5. Kona Kola has caffine as well! Luv em!

    Ultra Grumpy -

  6. Congratulations! Nuun is an awesome product. What took so long? ;)

  7. Congrats on the sponsorship, Scott. While I haven't yet tried Nuun, I am currently enjoying a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and can attest to the benefits of it! :-D

  8. Congrats on yet another good sponsorship! You serve all your sponsors well and your results are much better than you think they are!

    Regarding Sierra Nevada Pale Ale sponsorship; they sponsored (maybe still do?) a darn good Nor Cal cycling team for several years so they definitely are game when it comes to that sort of thing! I vote you do the 'foot' work to get the ball rolling, I'm sure you'd have no shortage of aspiring runners that would want to be part of that team when you've sealed the deal!

    Better daughter needs me to play princesses with her! Get ready for that Scott, it's not to far off!


  9. At 43, I'm hoping for a similar deal with Alka-Seltzer®.

    Will G.

  10. Glad to be associated with you, who is UN-real runner (as in unreal fast and great person). BTW, I should change my last gets screwed up way too many times:)

  11. Scott
    sorry I missed telling you about them, I've been using them this past year and love them. I have given so many away to get people to try them it's crazy. I had their tatoo on my bicep and calf at WS100 last year (I'd almost get a real one, I like the stuff so much)
    Enjoy it.

    ikes - if you let it sit for a while the fizz goes away. I usually drop one in my bottle when I start getting ready to go for a run and by the time I'm ready to drink, the fizz is gone and it's just a pleasant taste.
    Bev A-A

  12. You are right, if Sierra Nevada got into the ultra scene I'd be first on line. Best recovery drink around.


  13. Kona Cola has caffeine? No wonder me like. ;-)

    Olga - my apologies, I typed your last name a bit too fast. All corrected.

    Will - Alka-Seltzer indeed! If Aleve had a team, I would do that one for sure.

    Bev - The tattoo! Now that is commitment to a product. *-P

    Hope you are well.


  14. Nuun reminds me of the flavor of the liquid you have to drink for a colonscopy. I see the value but the flavor is gross.

  15. I take a Vespa as instructed before an ultra, then use Nuun for hydration because it doesn't have any sugar in it, which would defeat the purpose of the Vespa. After an hour, I sparingly add gels.
    Nuun also works to hydrate you if you had too many Sierra Nevadas the night before.
    Congrats on your 50k PB!That's awesome at your age.(Ha ha,I'm 51).


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