Thursday, January 03, 2008

Great Videos of Close Finishes

Sometimes you gotta give it all you've got at the end. Here are a couple videos that show the true spirit of champions duking it out to the finish.

Head-to-head at the 2005 ITU World Cup Championships in Switzerland:


The Women's finish at the 2007 Chicago Marathon (aka, why you should always look over your shoulder in the final 500 yards):

A compilation of some of the great distance running finishes in history (Prefontaine, Billy Mills, Alan Webb, Hicham El Guerrouj, and more):


- SD


  1. BTW, props to Scott Jurek for finding the Chicago Marathon video, and to Mark Remy for the distance compilation.


  2. Hey Scott,

    Awesome videos! I can't tell who won the in the first one.
    I was wondering if you received my email? Sometimes replies don't ever reach me due to spam filters (my school email system, I can't access "spam")

  3. Greg -

    I have no idea who won that race. ;-)

    I didn't get your e-mail - can you try again at scottdunlap (at) I'll keep an eye out for it.

    Thx, SD

  4. Hi Scott and thanks Mark for such a GREAT compilation. There is something about great track and field races that makes me weep like a baby!! I enjoy weeping my way through the Olympics every time it comes around.

  5. Got it this time, Greg. Thanks!

  6. Wow, thanks for the track compilation! It's been 12 years since I toed the line in a 1500, but I will always consider it "my race." Some days I really miss speed. [sigh]

  7. Check out this video of the boys steeple chase championship for NY state...

  8. Great vids. Hey Scott, I was wondering if you tape your feet on training runs also. Or if you don't, what distance necesitates taping for you?

  9. Ryan -

    I tape my feet (just the base of my foot and heel with one big piece of 4" Elasticon and some tincture of benzoin) for races that are marathon and longer, plus any run where I plan to "go hard". The Injinji socks are enough for my toes, although I do put some Vaseline on there too.


  10. Is the taping for blister prevention, etc or platar fasciitis, etc? I love Injiniji socks, too :)

  11. Inspiring stuff, Scott. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and finally thought I'd comment and say hi. My wife and I live across the Bay from you in Pleasanton and we're training for American River 50 in April. Next weekend we run the Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon. (I've run about 10 marathons and 2 ultras; she's run 2 marathons and 1 ultra.)

    Anyway, we love your blog. Keep up the great writing and running. You're a huge inspiration for us and we'll be waiting to read how Western States goes for you this year. We're cheering for you.

  12. Scott,

    What about the MEN'S finish at Chicago? Much closer than the women's...

    Here's a link (if it works in this Comments section):

    P.S. I'll have part one of my response to your tag finished this weekend.

  13. Kate -

    I tape up for general blister protection, especially if it's going to be wet.

    Mark -

    Thanks for the link! I knew the men's race was a close one, but couldn't find a video.

    Cheers, SD

  14. MILLS!!! I may be a softy but I had a tear in my eye after that one. I'm a sucker for human endurance.

  15. great post. I'll be pointing people toward it. Is there a video out there that shows you how to tape to prevent blisters? If not, you should do one for your blog.

    thanks again for all the great posts.


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