Thursday, December 21, 2006

Karnazes Calls It Quits On His Cross-Country Run

Enough is enough, says Dean. Time to get back with family. 28 days and 1,300 miles into his cross-country trek from New York to San Francisco (this was started the day after his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days), Dean is throwing in the towel. He made it back to St. Charles, MO, where he began his Endurance 50 challenge, and felt it was enough closure to stop and and head home.

(Which one is the real Dean Karnazes?)

A quote from an LA Times story:
"I had a kind of epiphany," he said. "I missed my family and my kids so bad, and even though I saw them at Thanksgiving and thought I had gotten my fill of them, I realized I hadn' encouraging and supportive as everyone has been throughout all of this, I wanted to be with my kids and be back in their lives."
This quote is from his blog:
"I’ll be taking some time off now. Doing what I’ve been doing, running and getting after some great adventure with others, has been like a dream. I say “like” a dream, because the one critical element missing from the equation is my family. If they were with me, it would be a dream. Without them, my heart is forever torn. I need to get back to them."
I'm glad Dean is back with his family for the holidays. The whole thing reminds me of that scene from Forrest Gump where he's running through the desert and stops to say "I'm kinda tired...I think I'll go home now."

Life imitates art once again. ;-)



  1. great. Glad to hear it. I wondered if Dean missed his family. Kids are only young once. You can run anytime- but they are soooo important and they grow up so fast.
    Happy Christmas, Scott- your first Christmas as a dad- pretty special- thanks for a great blog.

  2. your blog is great, but your ass is HOT. How do I get such a hot ass? Do you do special glute excercises for purely aesthetic purposes? Quit taunting me.

  3. I like your blog. Very positive.

  4. Scott, Happy Holidays to your family. Now that you have a bigger one, time to make up cute traditions:) Enjoy!

  5. Thanks Kate and Olga. I hope you are having a great holiday. Sophie is having a great x-mas so far, mostly because she loves the flashing lights on the trees.

    Olga - If you see my updated 07 race schedule to the right, I took the plunge on Silver State 50 as well! We can suffer together. ;-)

    Happy holidays!


  6. Great! And I am still deciding on that or Bishop 50 - same difficulty, same altitude, same to stay is a plus, driving is a minus. Help!!! :)

  7. I think what you have done is absolutely amazing, and i think it is very noble of you to take time off to be with your family.


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