Friday, September 15, 2006

Wasatch 100 - Ultra runners devoted to their sport (Deseret News)

Amy Donaldson wrote a great article in the Deseret News about the 2006 Wasatch 100. It includes quotes from winner Karl Metzler, dirt diva Catra Corbett, Diane Van Deren, and Dan Brenden. More importantly, the article does a good job of capturing why ultra runners run.

(On the trail at Wasatch - see more photos here;
photo courtesy of Stephen Speckman and Deseret News)

"They asked me who my biggest competition is," said Dan Brenden. "They don't understand what ultra running is. We all want everyone to accomplish their dreams. You just put everything you've got into it, and you're testing yourself; you're doing the very best you can."
"I've never dropped out of a race in my life," Brenden said. "I have a mental edge in the rest of my life now. (Ultra running) becomes part of your life; it shapes your life."

(What remains of the feet of a 100-miler...yikes!)

Be sure to read the full article here.

- SD

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