Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Volunteers build 60 ft bridge for the McNaughton Trail Ultra

I've heard of race volunteers going above and beyond, but building a 60 foot bridge?!? Wow! You can read about Illinois Race Director Andy Weinberg and his crazy crew here.

My favorite part was hearing how volunteer Larry LaBlanca was being nudged out of the house during a slow work season...then spent 7 days a week and 400 hours on a massive bridge!

- SD


  1. Sweet!! I'm running there next weekend!

  2. I ran the 100 there last year, will be running the 100 there next weekend. I had NO idea that we would be running across a bridge this year. Wow, I was planning on 30 river crossings. If I recall correctly, there were 3 creek crossings each 10 mile loop. What a pleasant surprise :)


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