Friday, December 09, 2005

Great stories - 24 Hours of San Diego, Yiannis Kouros Sets 6-day World Record Again, HUFF 50, etc.

For those of you looking for winter reading on ultrarunning, here are a few good links for you:

Yiannis Kouros set a new world record for the 6-day race at Colec. If you haven't read about this guy, definitely check it out - he holds every 12-, 24-, 48-, and multi-day race in the world. Read about here, and get a great profile on him written in 1996 here.

Frank Purdy, Copy Editor for the Yakima Herald, joins in on the San Diego One Day Race and gives his first person account of his 100km+ success here. It's a great article.

A good story on the HUFF 50k (here), one of the largest 50k's in the nation with over 700 racers.

Massachussets-based ultrarunner/Ironman/duathlete Bob Eckerson is written up here. The dialog about him and his pacer is funny, as is his near-drowning experiences in his first triathlons.

Let me know if you guys prefer a bunch of links together like this. I'll certainly get less screaming from the authors if I link instead of cut-and-paste. ;-)

- SD

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