Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fun Video from Team inov-8 Retreat

Team inov-8 had their first US retreat last month in Big Sur, CA, to test out some new products, share tips and secrets, and enjoy the eclectic group of trail runners, CrossFitters, and triathletes that make up the 2014 team. My roomy for the weekend, 2013 Barkley Marathon winner (and finisher, for that matter) Nickademus Hollon, put together this unofficial video which captured a lot of the fun moments.

A few of my favorite highlights from the retreat:

  • Showing up with Bryon Powell in Big Sur just as Alex Nichols, Peter Maksimow, and Joe Grant return from a one-hour-turned-into-six-hours run across the Big Sur wild. ("we decided to run to a peak we could see...we didn't see any poison oak, I'm sure we'll be fine")
  • Night hikes to just the right spot on a cliff at 5am, then sprinting like crazy up and down in all the new gear while the light was good. 
  • The hilarious back-and-forth "you're crazy" between trail runners who would rather run 10 miles before breakfast and CrossFitters who would rather bench press a small truck 40 times in 2 minutes. 
  • Seeing the faces of inov-8 employees as they rolled out their latest shoes, jackets, packs, and more, and knowing they rock. 
  • Watching Shona Stephenson (from Australia) take a selfie with every dog she passed on the trail to Sykes Hot Springs. 
  • Teaming up with Dan Bailey to learn about CrossFit rowing, only to realize later he's currently the #1 CrossFitter in the world. To my right? Anna Tunnicliffe, #4 in the world. And believe me, they look the part! 
  • Being able to share California with all these great international athletes! 
(Joe Grant and Peter Maksimow at the early morning photo shoot)

(Anna Tunnicliffe, Shane Farmer, Stuart Trees, and Dan Bailey doing lifts under the redwoods)

(inov-8 takes over the remote beaches)

(Runners and Crossfitters, all goofs)
(Amber Reece-Young and Ashley Moyer tackle the cliffs)
Good fun. Thank you, inov-8!


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