Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five Questions with Scott Dunlap (per This Running Life)

My new runner/blogger pal Gordon Harvey sent me "five questions" to post on his blog, This Running Life. I always find it fun to both send and respond to these...always thoughtful questions, and the answers seem to change over time.

Be sure to click through to Gordon's blog and give him a shout out!

And for the few who haven't seen me get the smack down at the completely awesome WhatIsUltra tumblr's called "When Scott Dunlap Totally Schools Everyone In The Local 50k And We Find Out He Stopped To Take 84 Photos". May be my jump the shark moment. ;-)

Thx, SD


  1. Nothing wrong with jumping the shark as long as you get some pictures of it.

  2. Hi! I have a question for you. Please e-mail me at to discuss further!



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