Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Tour of California Went By My House! (video)

I had the best excuse for not coming in to work yesterday - the AMGEN Tour of California professional bike race had blocked off Kings Mountain Road for the first big climb and descent of Stage 3. So I headed down the driveway and caught the peleton cruising by on a rainy/cloudy afternoon. See if you can pick out Lance Armstrong!

It's mostly deer and hikers around here, so it was a fun change of pace to have these guys come through. The wind you hear on the video is from them buzzing by like a caravan of semi trucks. Then a few minutes later, all back to normal. I would tell you to watch it live on Versus, but after they f@#$d up the coverage yesterday and cut off the last minute for pre-game hockey information (prompting a nasty tweet from Lance Armstrong).



  1. How cool is that!? You live in a gorgeous part of California!

  2. I experienced the same type thing when I lived in Missouri. They rode right past my work place. We all went out and cheered. It took like one second for them to zoom by; nearly blew my hat off!

  3. very interesting, sometimes persona can't help himself to do something if he is not wishing instead. i always love biking. I saw your video that is awfully captured.


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