Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Naked Fun of the 2012 Bay to Breakers

Here's a quick photo montage of the 2012 Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, CA, where the local freaks fly their flags high! I ran a quick 49:01 on a beautiful sunny SF day, then walked back through the course to see all the costumes and revelry. It still seems tame compared to previous years, but it's a lot of fun!
(The ape is back!)

(Lincecum fits in a 12k before pitching today)

(Now that's what I call minimalist!)

(The elite women hit the streets)

(Una Broderick, George Ehigiator, Brian "Apeman" Cooke, Meb Keflezighi [finished 6th], Uli Stedl [11th], Direba Merga [3rd], Sammy Kitwara [1st], Tesfy Sendeku [5th])

(Kiss my ass for luck!)

(and we're off!)

(Mile 1)

(Nice view!)

(Crowds were dressing up too)

(Thumbs up from Elvis!)

(Local flavor)

(Hayes Hill is rocking out)


(High speed joggling!)

(When it comes to drums, size does matter)

(Getting swallowed by the Google centipede, who ended up running a clockwise circle around me for fun on the corner)

(The Zazzle twins)

(Costumes abound)

(Let that burn into your retinas)

(Lego people!)

(Avengers and the Hall of Justice talk business)

(Bare to Breakers)

(I wonder what he takes pictures of?)
(I feel like a kid!)

(Not a tan line to be found)

(Getting the groove on)

(The fox is stoked, the Joke is planning something)

(Uncle Sam is a bunch of bull)

(The biggest freaks of all...the Jesus Freaks)
(Three flamingos, a cat, and a many-time finisher)

(Ronnie pushes drugs on the kids)

(Out-apeing the apes)

(Wild pack of Elvi)

(TSA folks asking everyone to have their boarding passes ready)

(American Gladiators throw down on Hayes)

(Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker)

(Whoa! A swarm of orange)

(I just can't stop feeling my breasts!)


  1. glad you brought your camera. Or am I?


  2. Hi Scott,

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  3. Hey Scott, love this post! I was in the Google centipede that circled you... sorry about that, our lead segment had no idea anyone was to our right :-)

    We actually have a video of the event - I'm trying to get permission from the guy who took it to share with you... I'll let you know.

  4. Thanks for the pictures. For a moment I really thought that was Tim Lincecum, but then I thought why would he run 7 miles before he pitches!!!

  5. Ok, here's the video of Team Google-1 running a circle around Scott:

  6. Hi Scott - Brian said he saw you at the finish. It was a great run and awesome weather! Great pictures.

    Hopefully we will see you guys soon. Jen

  7. The biggest freaks of all are the Jesus freaks? Really? Yea, not the naked person holding a little kids hand??!!! Perverted Sickos! WOW!

  8. The full frontal photo of Naked Man w/camera...did he even have a dick? If so, talk about microscopic.

  9. Thanks for the photo montage, Scott. It's sort of your fault I lined up in a sequined thong in the seeded corral... from your 2011 blog, I gathered there'd be other naked seeded people. This year it was just me!

    At least I got to be the first bare-assed finisher! No award for that, alas.

  10. My eyes, my eyes; the goggles do nothing!

  11. Hey Scott, great montage. The naked folk are fun -- I was one of them this year and ran the whole way barefoot, though happily not shown here! -- but you balance them out nicely with the creatively costumed textiles. They're the ones who really earn our accolades, like 'minimalist', towing the starting line clad in a mere g-string. You've really captured the spirit of this fantastic event, which is all about freedom, fantasy, and festival. Keep up the good work. Maybe you'll get a shot of me next year, if I decide to put something on, like moccasins and a breechclout.


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