Friday, February 03, 2012

PocketFuel - My Latest Product Obsession

I get a ton of free samples sent my way, and every once in while a product works its way into regular rotation on training/events. The latest is PocketFuel, a nut butter-based snack in a pouch that I've found perfect for both fueling and recovery. But most of all it just tastes reeeaaally good.

PocketFuel is the brainchild of Mark and Heidi Ribkoff, two athletes based out of Hood River, OR. It started as a search for something better (and less messy) than sugary gels, and quickly led to a selection of natural ingredient blends like "Chia Goji and Honey", comprised of blended almonds, chia seeds, goji berries, and electrolytes. Each blend is a squeezable concoction in a 3-ounce bulletproof pouch worthy of camping or ultrarunning, and can easily be stashed, stored half empty, and refilled from bulk supplies.

Discover PocketFuel Video from PocketFuel on Vimeo.

I tried each of the flavors, then placed a refill order for a case of my favorites, "Chia Goji and Honey" and "Chunky Coconut Cherry". I primarily use them for a quick shot of recovery carbs and protein after a run, since I can easily stash them in my car or backpack. The Chia pouch gives a nice boost of energy thanks to the the chia seeds and goji berries, so it's good for morning post-workout fueling. The Coconut Cherry is satiating with it's rich mix of fats and protein, so I like to have one between the 5pm workout and the seems-like-eternity-to-eat-dinner 8pm meal. Both are have plenty of electrolytes, are vegan, and gluten-free, a welcome alternative to those with dietary constraints.

If you like what you see, place an order or help them raise seed funding for their company by making a donation on Kickstarter.  I think you're gonna like it!

- SD

[Note - For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a great way to raise funds from peers for a new idea or venture. Ryan Mills, for example, has just 31 days to complete his fundraising for an 8-day run across Death Valley to raise awareness for healthy lifestyles, and would love your help!]


  1. Just a quick correction: The Chia Goji and Honey is not vegan. I went to the Kickstarter website and it is definitely real honey. Thanks, these look really awesome.

  2. I'd imagine this would also be good for eating on-the-go. Pretty cool idea, just might have to try it. Thanks!

  3. I never would have considered Chunky Cocoanut Cherry or Chia Goji and Honey with out a real person endorrsement. Kind of scary sounding- but may try them out now...

  4. Wow these sound good! I wonder if they're considering a non-coffee chocolate as for religious reasons I don't drink coffee. Or maybe a chocolate hazelnut one a la nutella. Mmmmm. :)

    1. Hi Keeley,

      I am Mark Ribkoff founder of PocketFuel, you have just hit the nail on the head! Our soon to be released flavor is Chocolate Cherry Haze. It is Hazelnuts, Chocolate and Bing Cherries and as my wife likes to say, "It's Nutella on steroids." The big difference is our largest single ingredient is Hazelnuts, not sugar like Nutella.

      OK, now the cats out of the bag!!!!!

    2. WHOOOT! How awesome is that?!?! Hopefully it will be available soon, can't wait to try it. =)

  5. Sounds Delish! I love trying new products. I have a VERY sensitive stomach so these sound perfect, being gluten free.

  6. I just ordered the variety pack


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