Thursday, February 23, 2012

PCTR Pacifica Race on 2/25 NOT HAPPENING - Pass It On...

This Tuesday, an e-mail was sent out to participants of the Pacific Coast Trail Runs Pacifica 9k/21k/30k/50k scheduled for this Saturday, 2/25, saying the event would not be happening, and instead rescheduled for March 17th. Reprint of that message below.

On Facebook, it appears some entrants for the sold out race had not received the e-mail, so I'm hoping we can help get the word out to those who had signed up so they don't make the early AM drive to Pacifica. For those interested in racing this Saturday, Inside Trail Racing is hosting the Chabot 10k/21k/30k/50k and still has a few openings. Otherwise, it appears your entry is now set for Pacifica on St. Patrick's Day, 3/17, unless you ask for a refund.

Here is the note on Facebook from PCTR Race Director Sarah Spelt:

"I just learned that we can't hold the rescheduled Pacifica race this Saturday, February 25th, due to a technical glitch in our online reservation. This is not the park’s fault - something misfired when we entered the reservation weeks ago and it apparently did not "take" and, since then, a conflicting event was scheduled for this weekend by another party. I am very disappointed, as I know that you are (especially after MdO went so perfectly just 10 days ago). I've spoken with my contact at the San Mateo County Parks, as well as the Park Superintendent, about other dates. I've reserved Saturday, March 17th for this event. No other races, including those on July 7th in Pacifica/San Pedro Valley Park, are affected by this situation. I am very sorry for the inconvenience – just like you, I was all set for and really looking forward to this event – and I thank you for your patience with the Pacifica event.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs"

I'll leave the debate on "collecting entry fees for races where you don't have permits" to other posts...please pass on the news to anyone you think might have signed up.

- SD


  1. Thanks Scott, you are a very good source of information for the local trail running community. I don't follow PCTR on facebook or anything so the updates are appreciated.

  2. Ugh. So disappointing what's going on with PCTR. Years of positive memories just going down and down the drain..

  3. There are no "online reservations" for event permits. It's done live, over the phone and then documents are sent to the permit requester (anyone can call the park to verify this). Collecting registration money for several days AFTER learning the race is not going to occur is dishonest, at best.

    Fabrication of the facts, taking money and making the refund process some muddled maze is criminal. It needs to stop.

  4. Why do people keep putting money into vending machines that do not ever deliver anything?

  5. Oh tsk tsk this is very disappointing but thanks for spreading this information. I'll just share this to anyone about the situation.

  6. I hope they sent someone out to Pacifica to meet the runners who didn't get the message. That would suck to head out that far and not be able to race.

  7. Hi dear. I also like the Coast is Trail Runs, which amazingly.


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