Friday, June 12, 2009

Texas high school track star earns team title all by herself....AGAIN (Baltimore Sun)

I don't know if we should call Bonnie Richardson of Rochelle, TX, a track star or a rock star. As the sole track team representative for her 14-person graduating class at Rochelle High, she won four individual medals in five events, bringing home the Texas 1A track team trophy single-handedly for the second year in a row. Wow!

Small-town Texas track star Bonnie Richardson repeats as team champion by herself

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The best small high school track team in Texas is once again a freckle-faced girl named Bonnie Richardson.

Valedictorian of her 14-student senior class in the tiny farming town of Rochelle, Richardson won the Class A girls team state title by herself for the second consecutive year Saturday by single-handedly beating 56 other schools.

Her reward was a second state championship trophy she won't have to share with anyone — there are no other girls on the Rochelle High School track team.

"It's great. It's over. It's done," Richardson said. "It's nice that I can relax now."

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  1. Michael Connors6/13/2009 02:18:00 PM

    She's a total Rock Star! I hope colleges are lining up to offer her academic and athletic scholarships.

  2. I read of Bonnie in a "Sports Illustrated" magazine waiting for my husband in the dr's office. They wrote an excellent piece on her accomplishments; I hope she was able to secure a scholarship.


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