Monday, March 30, 2009

200 Take On Their First 50-Miler at AR50 This Saturday

Race Director Julie Fingar sent out the race-prep e-mail for the American River 50-miler this weekend. 650 runners (all-time high) with 200 first-time 50-mile runners. The sport is growing!

I love that Gloria Takagishi (going after finish #30!) will be donning bib #1. Sorry, Skaden...

- SD


  1. And I thought I was so original.... just one of 200, apparently.

  2. 650? Wow! You'd think it was a marathon or something.
    See y'all at the starting line!

  3. Jesse Barragan3/31/2009 08:38:00 AM

    First 50 miler for me!

  4. This is not only going to be my first 50-miler, but my first ultra. I'm very excited to be starting my taper.

    What got me going? Was it Dean? Was it being tired of marathons? No, I just liked the jacket. My running partner has one and it always starts the best conversations. Plus it's a cool jacket so she wears it all the time. I WANT ONE!

    Looking forward to seeing you there.


  5. Just a prediction...flat out blistering pace up front by Keith Bechtol & Max King...should be awesome race.

    Best of luck to all runners.

    Will G.

  6. Check out the late entry--Dave Mackey on the list.

    It will be interesting to see how the addition of all the runners will be on the course...being the mid pack runner..I am thinking a little bit o bottleneck past buzzards...but a fun time by all..


  7. In addition to the men's race, it'll be interesting to see how stellar a performance Kami Semick can pull off (not to discount any other female competitors, but haven't scoured the entrants list).

  8. Ann (trailsnail)4/01/2009 12:49:00 PM

    Scott, Good luck with your AR50. I just finished my first trail 30k with PCTR, so no 50 for me. Enjoyed your Big Sur Marathon (BSIM) summary a couple of years ago and will be doing it for the 2nd time this month. Thanks for all of your inspirational posts that help us all continue to celebrate life while running. That is really cool that they gave Gloria bib#1. Here's a link (hope it works) to an article that the Auburn Journal had on her in Jan--she is amazing!


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