Monday, March 09, 2009

The Epic Story of Jason McElwain

Perhaps y'all have seen this video from 2006 about Jason McElwain, an autistic kid who got a shot to play one game for his high school basketball team and KILLED IT. It's quite the heart-warmer.

I hope everyone is enjoying a little extra afternoon sunlight on the trails thanks to daylight savings. I got a 12-miler in on the Grizzly Flat Trail in Stevens Creek Park, which was wonderful. Looks like I'm ready to roll for Way Too Cool on Sat. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

- SD


  1. What a great weekend for running. I found myself doing a 25 miler in San Francisco running from Fell st. to Market to Embarcadero through Crissy Field, over the Golden Gate and back. What a great way to spend a Saturday! Today a cranked out 15 miles running my regular Palo Alto route. Just wanted to share. Happy running everyone!!

  2. I have seen this one before, and I LOVE it! Makes me teary every time. Thanks for posting a little inspiration. :)

  3. Great story. I think it's cool that Gatorade has featured him in their Mission G ads.

  4. Great video (he says with a lump in his throat). It's all about the shot, the vision, and the inspiration. Thanks for sharing Scott. Might just use it on my blog. Mike

  5. Wonderful video.

    Scott - I'm signed up for Way Too Cool (my 5th running) and I've got some major hip issues. I'm going to test it on an easy run tonight.

    Depending on how that goes, I might not be able to run Cool this weekend. If so, I'd be more then willing to give someone my slot. THought I'd post here before I contacted race admin.
    You can reach me at:
    Thanks and good luck Saturday.

  6. Ralph -

    Sorry to hear about your hip, and we'll miss you at Way Too Cool.

    I believe the RD, Julie Fingar, has a running list of people waiting. This is new this year. So if you don't hear from anyone soon, be sure to notify her and you should be in good shape.


  7. Grand Island Trail marathon video


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