Monday, May 05, 2008

Dave Mackey wins Miwok 100k, joins the fun at Western States

Dave Mackey set a new course record (7:53:19) with his win at the Miwok 100k this weekend, earning a slot for Western States along with frequent States-frontrunner Jon Olsen (8:24:13) and Geoff Roes from Douglas, AK (8:34:02). Mackey won Miwok back in 2005, so it isn't his first time to break the tape at that course. He has also logged a 16:30 finish at States in 2004, so he is certainly a contender. (Update - the rumor mill says that neither Mackey nor Roes can attend States this year, so just Olsen will be joining in)

Kami Semick won for the third straight year in 9:15:50, with Bev Abbs placing second (and first Women's Masters) in 9:42:55 and Prudence L'Heureux in 9:47:23. Mark Lantz took 10 minutes off his course PR to win the Men's Masters in 9:10:23, 8th overall.

Brief story can be found here. It's going to be quite a field at States this year!

- SD

(photo courtesy of Jeff Vendsel, IJ photo - more here)


  1. Great to hear about Miwok, Scott. Saw Eugene results- you did a SUPER job- wow! Waiting for your report!!!

  2. So Scott - why not a post about your incredible run in Eugene yesterday? It was great meeting you and your dad. Congratulations on a fantastic run back in the resurrected Running Capital of the World.

  3. Mackey is awesome, pretty much wins in every big race he competes. I thought Lon Freeman's 07 Miwok CR was going to go untouched for several years to come...crazy.

    I found an older article online that gives a nice insight into his character/training:


    Seems like a cool guy, perhaps Scott can get a fresh interview.

    Will G.

  4. Your correct..I heard the same thing on the WS rumor mill. Mark Lantz was a last minute entry which makes his PR impressive.
    The Montrail Series with the coveted WS spots need some tweaking a bit. It would be nice to see the at these races roll down a WS spot if any of the top three participants is already entered.


  5. Lonn & Kate -

    I will post the Eugene Marathon write up shortly...just waiting on some pics. The 2:47 was a pleasant surprise! I guess this training is actually paying off. ;-)


  6. It'll be interesting to see whether D Mackey will run WS. If we don't see a new CR there this year, I'd be surprised, to say the least.

  7. Hey Scott,
    Small correction...Kami won Miwok in 05, 07, & 08; Nikki won in 06.

    Smokin' at Eugene, my friend! That training run Bleeker did at Boston apparently paid off. Nice!

  8. A 7:53!? What jet engine did he tie to his legs before Miwok?

    And YOU! Mr 2:47! I'm very interested in what you've got to say at Eugene.


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