Monday, January 21, 2008

Inov-8 Expands Team

Inov-8 has expanded their team for 2008, and I now find myself in the company of many incredible athletes. Good thing they grandfathered me in. ;-) You can check out their new team site here.

Mark Lundblad is our new Team Captain, and has assembled a roster of top notch talent including:
Current champs at the marathon, 50k, and 50-mile distance, former 100-mile champions...whoa! I look forward to running with them in 2008!



  1. That's great Scott. Sounds like an awesome team. (to which you definitely belong!)

  2. Looks like you and Devon are paired up on two teams, and you and Akos on two other teams...maybe you should make one big team!

  3. What a fantastic team, for a great company! I am curious to see if any shoe company teams pick up some of the great runners no longer among the Montrail ranks, such as Krissy Moehl and Karl Meltzer to name just two (there are many more). Glad to see a smaller company, like Inov-8, making great shoes, not yet assimilated into a big buyout, supporting inspiring athletes.

  4. Quite a few I clicked at are scientists...very interesting, may be you need to collect data for a median job for ultrarunners? JK:) Congrats!

  5. Great to see Inov-8 expanding their team at a time when other sponsors are shrinking theirs. Sean Andrish and the Lundblads are a great foundation for any team (you too, Scott). - Parker


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