Monday, June 12, 2006

Bernie Boettcher wins 10K at 8,000 feet (Vail Daily News)

The never-slowing Bernie Boettcher won the 2006 10k at 8,000 feet in Vail, CO this weekend in 44:22, with Helen Cospolitch claiming the women's title in 52:00.

(Bernie Boettcher, photo courtesy of La Sportiva)

Apparently they had some trail marking issues, with many of the front runners getting lost along the way. I don't feel so bad about getting lost at the Overlook 50k now. ;-)


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  1. Would love to wish my old high school cross country teamate Bernie Boettcher well from back here in old New Jersey. We had fun and also got into a little trouble together back in the late 70s at Delaware Valley Regional High. I've picked up trail running again recently too and am thrilled to see him kicking butt up in the high altitudes.


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